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Our Concept

We would like to offer companies something “Scandinavian”, which is unique, and aligned to individual corporate profile or special interests.


- This can be food;

- This can be an event;

- This can be a kick-off;

- This can be travel;

- This can be more……


We use our extensive network of Scandinavian resources to bring you something which is innovative and out of the ordinary.


Personal contact is most important in our strategy and approach rather than just listing “possibilities” on this web site. We want to hear and/or sit down with you to try and make that experience something special and memorable for you and your colleagues


So, please get in touch. There's so much more to Scandinavia than http://www.baalim.com/Svensk%20Matkult%20Pictures%20and%20other%20Stuff/meatballs.gif