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Laga mat!


Learn how to cook/bake like a Swede at cooking classes


Are you looking for something different to bond your team or perhaps entertain your clients? Whether it’s food, drink or just living, the Swedish seem to hold the secret of how to do it in style. Now you get the chance to ‘Try Swedish’ for yourselves: Modern and traditional.


We offer dishes full of fantasy and each course innovative with influences from all over the world. The food is characterized by fresh and distinct flavors with a playful attitude on every plate.


We offer a range of carefully planned corporate Swedish cookery events, including corporate celebrations, corporate entertainment, corporate team building and Christmas cookery events.


We will help you choose a menu that is tailor-made to suit the tastes and goals of your group and provide the rest. Break into teams to prepare and cook the different parts of your meal and include a competitive element to your menu if you wish, such as a bake-off.


-       Corporate Celebrations

We host corporate celebrations with a difference. All of our celebrations, including Christmas cookery parties, provide a tailored experience based on your preferences

-       Corporate Entertainment

They’re a great learning experience, enormous fun and offer a real sense of shared achievement.

-       Corporate Team Building